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Final Day of Vacation

We woke up in Paris for the last time today, but I think we were both ready to get back to London for one more night!  It was another bitterly cold and foggy morning, nevertheless I was determined to get … Continue reading

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Our last night in London!!

Janella will surely be able to construct a much better description of our last day in London but I can at least post some pics. Details to follow 😉 Guess where we went.

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Day 3 in Paris

Today was the big day to finally go to the Eiffel Tower!  We left our hotel and quickly learned that it was going to be a very cold and rainy journey.  After breakfast (another “salad” for me, and a ham/egg/cheese … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day in Paris – Day 2

Well, Paris has been frustrating in that we do not get internet at our hotel… seriously, they should spend less on sculptures and fresh flowers, and get some WiFi!!  So apologies for the less frequent updates.  There are only a … Continue reading

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We made it to France!

It was so sad to leave London this morning… I hope Paris is just as wonderful and fun as London has been.  Thank goodness we are going back in a few days!  Brian wanted to take some photos at Hyde … Continue reading

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More from Day 3 in London

This morning was the most difficult for me to wake up and get going, especially when my watch still said 1am… so the morning didn’t go as well as I wanted, and therefore we got off to a late start. … Continue reading

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London day 3

So we slept in a bit today but when we got started, we got some Sh*t done! We started out by grabbing breakfast at a little cafe, then took off on our journey to see Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Parliament, … Continue reading

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Day 2.5 Dinner in Knightsbridge

After a long day of walking and sightseeing, we came back to the hood in Knightsbridge and ventured out for the evening.  Per our concierge, a hip and “boisterous” (apparently he thought we’re not the quiet type) restaurant called, Sale … Continue reading

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Day 2.1 Leicester Square

I know that Brian already made a post today with his uploaded photos, however I was a happy snapper myself and wanted to include some photos as well… we started off today with some coffee and croissants at a nearby … Continue reading

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Day 2 Leicester Square

I Love the architecture! You dont see a lot of this, so I had to take a snap. Janella wants me to wear this!! Yup, they have China town too. Hi! And a little musical entertainment!

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